About Me

i am proud to be a Watchdog leader, an engaged parent, and a passionate teacher.

Education has always been my vocation and never an office duty. I am ready to enter the race for district 7 to become a school board member in Miami-Dade County.

The time is right and it is the correct thing to do to change the status quo. As an engaged parent, a teacher, I love children, cherish the many students I met in life. I care about my backyard and I am simply known as FLORE. F (Fired Up) L (let’s) O (organize) R (ready) E (Education is on the ballot for 2020).

For years, I serve the right causes. Embarking in this new journey is an extension of what I was born to do, be a voice in this world. Now I ask you to rally with me, not behind me only; no one should be behind. Inclusion and Representation are the keys I am holding to open real dialogue about pressing issues more than teachers’ salaries also their continuing education. I want us to think of the gaps when many of our children complete high school and yet are uncertain about higher education. We need to value talents and rotate them across the board.

Let’s Make Education First.




Marie Flore Lindor- Latortue Ph.D.

The Important Issues Facing Our Schools:

  • Running for more representation
  • Expansion of services
  • Rotation of talents
  • Changing the status quo
  • Broaden the perception of Education / Enhance Education

My Platform

  • Running for more representation
    Miami-Dade County is culturally diverse. Representation is paramount. It is more than one’s address. It is the big picture on how a board member should embrace  broader perspectives. I am a think out of the box thinker who seeks cultural balance and works toward inclusion.
  • Expansion of services
    From a small business perspective, the school system is making progress in welcoming the small businesses; however, I am launching a series of listening tours in order to measure the services, their effectiveness and also expand on them.
  • Rotation of talents
    I want to offer the idea of rotation of talents.  The way to do so is to fight for two terms limit for board members and a maximum of 8 years. Education is more than one’s academic background, or who one knows; therefore, we should welcome the process of rotation of talents.  It is a platform for evolution where our local communities will become better society under ongoing growth.
  • Changing the status quo
  • The time is now to engage this real conversation on education, change our mind set. I am running to change the status quo, change the comfort zone, demand respect for our teachers, empower them to be considered as real educators, include as well our bus drivers, school nurses and the core that care about our children well-being in district 7.
  • Broaden the perception of Education / Enhance Education
    We always separate parents from providers, teachers from educators, children from children.  The broaden perception with my campaign welcomes everyone to take part of the movement of Making Education First and create the impact of a changed society. Starting with our back yard, enhancing education will certainly impact the health, the safety and help maintain good schools.  More than grades but inclusion and representation across the board.

My Experience

  • 18 Years Higher Education Adjunct Faculty: Miami-Dade College; Brown Mackie College.
  • 9 Years Kindergarten And Elementary Teacher
  • 20 Years Strong Health Care System Background
  • Elected Delegate District 26 -2016

Community Engagements

  • Association Of Exchange And Development Of Activities And Partnership Florida Commission On The Status Of Women 2004-2008
  • Haitian American Chamber Of Commerce – Member 2007 To Present
  • Haitian American Professional Coalition 2009-2014
  • Association Of Haitian Educators Of Dade 2009-Present
  • Board Of Directors New Horizon Community Mental Health Center 2017- Present
  • Founding Member Of Fabulous Pro 2016-2019
  • Principal Of The Day
  • Parents’ Engagement

My Education

Claudia Kirk Barto

I have known Flore for over 15 years since serving on the Florida Commission on the Status of Women with her. She is an energetic, engaging and outspoken advocate! She is a collaborative leader that is able to work with diverse points of view.

Claudia Kirk Barto

Chair FCSW 2008-2009
Farrel Liger

I have known Dr Latortue for over a decade now. She has always been a constant proponent in the south Florida community. She impacts the community through her organization, radio show and involvement. She has my unconditional support!

However, I would like to tell you who Dr Latortue has been to me. There are certain people who come into your life who serve as a blessing. Like a second mother, guardian angel, advocate and supporter. Dr. Flore Latortue has supported me selflessly since the beginning of my journey. She is grooming the next generation of leaders. I am proud to be amongst the plethora of lives she has positively impacted! … (Click to read my full testimonial)

Farrel Liger

Foundation of the World
Priscilla Dames Blake
Marie Flore Lindor-Latortue (Dr. Flore) has been an advocate and voice for the community for over 25 years.
Now it is time for her to lend that voice to our children and parents for Miami Dade County Schools.
I am proud to endorse this knowledgeable, forthright woman of integrity.

Priscilla Dames Blake

I support Doctor Flore Lindor Latortue for School Board Member
Teodoro Miguel Florival-Victor, MA, MPH, MS, Ed.S. Candidate

Dr. Marie Flore Latortue is unequivocally a prime candidate for the Miami Dade School Board.  She is the quintessential humanitarian, whereby her desires as a parent to innately desire the best for her children, she wonderfully and generously desires the same for all of children.

Dr. Latortue has an extensive track record of wearing several hats of community activism, business development, educational leadership, social empowerment, media engagement, and being a leading voice for all voiceless and disenfranchised groups. … (Click to read my full testimonial)

Teodoro Miguel Florival-Victor, MA, MPH, MS, Ed.S. Candidate

Founder of The Broward Social Network
Eugenise Mompremier

Since 2007 I heard about Marie Flore Lindor Latortue. Every time Fanm or any organization is talking, raking throad, or is going to Tallahassee/Washington to defend a cause, Dr. Flore Lindor Latortue is always there.

If you ask me why I support her as a candidate for the school board, I will say this: “She will bring a breath of fresh air to the place where people do not see the kids as anymore than cash cows.” Dr. Marie Flore Lindor Latortue will be a great advocate for the kids in general and will make sure that the students get the proper tools to succeed. I support her not because she is my mentor and friend, but because I worked in a school close to twenty years and did not like the way the people at the school board treated some students. As a mother, a tax payer and someone who has worked with schools for more than nineteen years, we need someone who really cares and will make a difference in those students’ lives. “No child will be left behind.” … (Click to read my full testimonial)

Eugenise Mompremier

I support Doctor Flore Lindor Latortue for School Board Member


Marie Flore Lindor-Latortue, Ph.D was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and has been a resident of Miami for 27 years. She has resided in South Dade area for 17 years.

Ms. Lindor-Latortue is a graduate of the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico in 1992 with double major in Elementary education and Psychology. In 1995, she obtained her Master’s Degree in Health Services Administration. In 2010, she completed her Doctorate Degree in Higher Education Leadership at Barry University. Ms. Lindor-Latortue believes that there are two pillars that sustain all societies: Health and Education.

From 1992 to 2011, she joined Jackson Memorial Hospital where she worked for 19 years as an interpreter, HIV and AIDS case manager and social worker. She has an extensive background in health care services, program development, customer service, patient’s needs, referrals, community resources and also management skills.

Aside from her professional career in healthcare, she integrated the Miami-Dade County Public Schools District for 16 years as an engaged parent. From the first day that her sons Lucphillipe and Raphael stepped into daycare, Marie Flore and her husband Roland understood that parent’s engagement was a priority. With her Degree in Elementary Education, she became an after school elementary teacher at Presbyterian Elementary school in Miami-Dade County for nine years.

In 2001, she joined Miami-Dade College as an adjunct faculty. She started in Hialeah campus with the Revest program designed specifically for immigrants to integrate the ESOL program and continue a path to future.

Ms. Lindor-Latortue has always been a public servant. She believes that one needs to be a citizen of the world in using the brain, time and heart to serve where the needs are. She has supported several community organizations: The Haitian American Leadership Organization, the Haitian American Nurses Association, The Haitian American Chamber of Commerce, The Haitian Lawyers Association…

She is the Founder of the Association of Exchange and Development of Activities and Partnership an organization which mission has been to provide technical support to community based organizations, promote leadership retreats and the creation of a community calendar to avoid duplication.

She joins the race for Miami-Dade School Board District 7 because as a lifelong educator she is decided to fight fairly to make education first and a more representative system of all. Meet the watchdog leader, the engaged parent, the passionate teacher.